Archived from Old Blog (Pre-2020): Hi: Nonfic Blog Introduction & More About This Site

This post will be just a short introduction to what I hope to turn this blog section into, thanks for stopping by. Here, I plan to do some blogging and possibly write some other assorted nonfiction pieces such a reviews (music, movies, or otherwise), ‘news story’-like pieces and more. As mentioned on the homepage, I am deeply interested in the arts, politics, news media, science and technology, and more and it’s likely I’ll be writing about them all. Like everything else on the site, this too is an experiment, where I am looking for feedback if possible, and seeing what to share and if I should, as well as when and how to do so.

My nonfiction blog may be a little sparse over the Summer as I will be working hard and trying to get some more music out before the end of August at which point I will be flying to Aarhus, Denmark to do a full year academic exchange at Aarhus University through Brock. I anticipate that during my exchange I will be blogging much more frequently and I hope to be able to use this as a platform to express myself while I’m away.

More about the site:

I am hoping for to be an ever changing, living portfolio which will be home to all of the content I put online including blogs and little pieces of writing. I also hope that I can get to engage with some readers and generate a bit of an audience to interact with. All of my social media links are on the bottom of every page on the site, and I encourage you to send me a message or follow me and say hi somehow. Or comment here too, I’d love to hear from you and have a conversation about art, or politics, or science, or subcultures, or action movies or whatever. exists because I want to be creating more content (in the form of blogs, or vlogs, or something), to interact with interesting new people, to host my living portfolio, but also to house my artistic work, namely my music.

Give or take two years ago now, I had gotten really frustrated with my inability to play an instrument well (vocals excluded). After years of on and off piano, violin, and (mostly) drum lessons as well as, playing (baritone and then tenor) saxophone in my high school jazz and concert band, I decided that I would finally take up an instrument which would enable me to write songs on my own more easily (as opposed to only during weekly The Polar Bear is Mine band practices). Before that, I would just record vocal melodies and lyrics on paper or onto my phone and never touch them again, and now I can pick up my guitar and actually compose some music.

Over these two years of guitar and my first attempts at becoming a ‘songwriter’, I think I have arrived a some pretty fantastic results and very much enjoy songwriting, playing guitar and singing. This year, 2017, I started playing solo gigs as well as gigs with The Polar Bear is Mine, and I am excited to continue to do so.

This need to put my solo music somewhere coupled with my position at The Brock Press during the school year, which validated my writing ability and taught me a lot of much-needed skills for content creation, is what finally convinced me to start up a website and start putting things on the internet.

I hope that you will join me on this little digital adventure (or not digital, if you want to come out to a show). Maybe we will learn new things together. I would love it if you comment below as well to tell me how you stumbled across the site (especially if I don’t actually know you in person).

Also, the more of these I do, the better and less rambly they will get (I presume).



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